2019.07.20 Sat



03. August – 18. August 2019
Open only Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
12pm – 18pm

Dorfmitte 7, 17268 Gerswalde


This is the group exhibition by three Japanese Artists.

Drawings by Hirofumi Abe
Paintings by Takero Kano
Ceramic arts by Terumi Ishigami

“MITSUAMI” means “three strand braid” in Japanese.
Three artists weave one story in Gerswalde.


Hirofumi Abe
is a Japanese painter/graphic designer and lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He draws lines and faces its vestige of memories. He repeats it everyday.

Takero Kano
is a contemporary Japanese painter and lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. He observes plants and nature and makes abstract paintings while exploring the sense of vitality.

Terumi Ishigami
is a Japanese ceramic artist and lives and works in Sapporo, Japan. She makes ceramic artworks to abstract landscapes from her memories. She spends her days like weaving a story.